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2023 SME of the Year Award in Cádiz

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We are delighted to be the recipients of the “Training and Employment Accésit” in the 2023 SME of the Year Award in Cádiz. This award is granted by Banco Santander and Cámara de Comercio de Cádiz, Campo de Gibraltar, and Jerez, in collaboration with Cámara de España and Diario de Cádiz.

Receiving this recognition is a great honor for us, as we have always believed that training and employment are fundamental pillars for growth and sustainable development in our company. We take pride in seeing our efforts acknowledged by such a prestigious institution.

This award motivates us to continue advancing in our mission to foster talent development and contribute to the economic growth of our region. We will keep working to provide specialized and essential training within our company, enabling the creation of solid job opportunities.

Of course, we want to share this award with all our employees, as they are the true protagonists and driving force behind this company.