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Taking as reference the Functional Technical Specification, the regulations to be applied and the manufacturer’s standards, we partially design the product in a 3D/2D model, until the validation of the client is given. From that moment on, we complete the necessary analysis to check the reliability thereof, which is then represented in the agreed documents.

The scopes of the works are the following:

General Provisions:

  • Vessel in 2D & 3D
  • Reform of layout
  • Machines
  • Accommodation
  • Lights
  • Wheelhouse
  • Security

Basic Structure Engineering:

  • Complete conceptual engineering: Master Frame and Transverse Bulkhead. Design, calculation and delineation
  • Complete functional engineering: Design, calculation and delineation.
  • Calculation of idlers, including major equipment (propulsion motors, gearboxes, servo, etc.)
  • Welding plans
  • Calculation of equipment number and reinforced
  • Non-structural tanks: Design and calculation


  • Regulatory calculations
  • Bar calculations (lattices, trusses, etc.)
  • Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Calculation of moorings
  • Loading stowage manuals


  • Intact and damage stability calculations
  • Hydrostatic and inclined careening
  • Tank capacities and deadweight scales
  • Calculation of tonnage
  • Planning of grounding and forms
  • Distribution of lightship weight
  • Stability experience procedure
  • Freeboard calculations
  • Speed and maneuverability protocols
  • Consumption and autonomy calculations
  • Building permission documentation
  • Manual loading
  • Preliminary stability book


  • Machine service schemes
  • Maintaining Process («retrofitting»)
  • Machinery room provisions
  • List of machines
  • Arrangement of shaft lines
  • Basic ventilation of machines
  • Preliminary steam balances
  • Requested technical specifications
  • Technical documentation review of equipment suppliers
  • Dimensioning calculations for machinery cooling systems
  • Dimensioning of machines


  • Test protocols
  • Structural fire protections
  • List of ship equipment
  • Security plan
  • Escape routes
  • Vessel specifications summary
  • Vessel specification sheet